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Treatment 33- Ninja Vengeance

Your treatment for this week,

Ninja Vengeance,

features the following:

  • phoney baloney martial arts philosophy revolving around a form that essentially praises stabbing in the back
  • the most blatant kind of racist movie villain
  • sub-community-theater-group acting
  • eponymous motorcycles!

But all of these things only make it seem about 4000 times more interesting than it ever manages to be. There are no stars, there’s no plot, and there certainly isn’t any ninja vengeance!

GASP… as Marc, Doug, and Matt manage to have a civil discussion that doesn’t involve sniping at one another (except an offhand comment about Kirk…understandable)!!!

SIGH… as the guys become nostalgic for REAL 80s ninjas, like Sho Kosugi!!!

BREATHE… deeply as we scoff at somersaults, muddy faces, and Wyoming beach dojos!!!

Be sure to look up Ninja Vengeance on Netflix, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and then join us for a fat slice of 1980s ninja cheese, won’t you?

Next Week’s Prescription: Shark Attack 3: Megalodon!

Time Runner Starring Mark Hamill Loved Guns

I believe that Kirk has started a trend. Here’s another animated advert for this week’s treatment, Time Runner starring Mark Hamill. Get used to the phrase.

As usual, find Time Runner on Netflix Instant. You can also find On Demand rental at Amazon through our store! Check it out and join us this weekend for the podcast!

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