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Be Seeing You


Hello friends, fans, and occasional listeners;

After no small amount of consideration, I’ve decided to leave Schlock Treatment.

I have discussed this at length with my co-hosts, and they have decided to keep making the show in its current form, albeit without my considerable charm, wit, and erudition. The possibility of future guest appearances by me aren’t to be completely ruled out, but as of now I will have to relinquish my hosting duties to my three very capable, funny, and considerably more talented friends in the form of Doug, Kirk, and (yes) even Matt.

Thanks to all the listeners for putting up with me for this long, and I am looking forward to joining you as a listener and fan of future ST episodes!

Be seeing you,

Marc (a.k.a. the nasal-voiced, whiny guy)

PS – You can keep in touch with Marc via Twitter as @marcmcd!

Treatment 173 – Big Trouble in Little China

BigMonsterHey…after last week’s betrayal we felt a little bad, so this week we’re making it up to our listeners with a classic bit of schlock! Well…it’s schlocky, but also amazing. So is it schlock? Who the fuck knows. We should probably have this figured out by now. Anyway…you’re welcome.

Big Trouble in Little China

This Week: Kirk drops an amazing Hoggle impression!! Matt talks all about Randy Quaid’s Big Weird Bankrupt Dick!!! Doug makes a bunch of references that go over Marc’s head!! And Marc is overly detailed in his monster classification system!!!

Next Time: It’s Ahnold, making his triumphant return in The Running Man!!

Treatment 172 – Master of Disguise

disguiseThis week’s episode is so masterfully disguised that you just won’t believe it! It’ll make you sick! You’ll be shattered! You’ll be saddened…by the end of our April’s Fools month!!! But, it’s not all bad, because we have a surprise guest in the form of Ralph Santiago III!!!!

The Master of Disguise

This Week: Ralph brings treats, but confesses that he didn’t watch the piece of shit movie we chose!!! Doug, shares his early experiences seeing breasts!! Kirk reveals the surprise of all surprises: that he was weird in High School (gasp)!! And Matt leaves us to go show off his impressive slacks, but not before dropping more Mrs. Mattfire references!!!

Next Week: We’re off themes and going to a classic: Big Trouble In Little China!!!

Treatment 171 – The Addams Family

trainIt’s the third week of our April’s Fools theme, and true to form we are already falling apart! This week we talk all about your number 2 pick from the poll, and there is much bickering.

The Addams Family

This Week: Matt is breathing heavy!!! Marc is annoyed by a 3 second scene in the film!!! Kirk is the liveliest he’s ever been!! And Doug rates hundreds of comedies with 5 stars!!!

Next time: We finally get to your number one pick, The Master of Disguise!!

Treatment 170 – Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

ElviraApril’s Fools month continues, with the 3rd place movie from our listener poll!

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

This Week: Kirk coughs a lot, and has to leave the room due to choking!!! Doug expresses extreme revulsion toward yellow mustard!!! Matt laughs at his own jokes and thinks he’s “on fire”…several times!! Marc gives up halfway through the show and wants to throw in the towel!!!

Next Week: The Addams Family!

Treatment 169 – Airplane II: The Sequel

airplaneIIIt’s April, and that means we’re starting out our April’s Fools month! This month will be dedicated to covering your favorite comedies, all chosen by you-the-listener in the latest Schlock Treatment poll! And, in the number 4 spot, comes a (sequel to a) classic!

Airplane II: The Sequel

Pretty much the entire cast (minus Leslie Nielson) is back to make the same jokes all over again! But we’re totally okay with that! Plus, they threw inĀ William Shatner, as a bonus! Thanks, guys who didn’t actually make the original!

This Week: Doug goes missing…AGAIN!! Kirk, shares even more embarrassing childhood anecdotes about not knowing what parts of his body were for!! Matt and Marc return to their favorite pastime: having pointless arguments about things that don’t actually matter (yes they do….no they don’t)!!

Next Week: We continue April’s Fools with number 3 in the poll winners, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!!