What is Schlock Treatment?


Schlock Treatment is a weekly podcast celebrating the world of horribly, horribly painful cinema.

Each week, hosts Marc, Doug, Kirk & Matt cover a new (to them) piece of shockingly bad schlock in an effort to help them (and their listeners) manage their self-esteem issues. Yes, Freud was very clear: only in heaping scorn on the failures of others can you come to see yourself as something worthwhile and useful!

Here’s how it works:

  • Each week we assign a “treatment” for the week that is streaming online…
  • Watch as much as you can stand on Netflix Instant, Hulu, YouTube, Google Video, or wherever the film is available…
  • Join us each weekend to hear it shredded in a podcast that embodies schadenfreude!

The podcast is up and running now. To see what were covering now, check our most recent posting on the home page. Or sift through our archives to hear old episodes.

We are now listed in iTunes! Search for us in the iTunes Store, or check us out here! Be sure to subscribe and rate us, and if you feel like writing a 5-star review, that would be great, too!

Marc McDonald

Marc is was the co-host, and is the creator of Schlock Treatment. In addition to his wry wit, lightning-quick jibes, and superior cinematic analysis, Marc acts will be remembered as webmaster, post-writer, podcast mixer, marketer and site developer for the show. He decideds who lives and who dies.

Kneel before him! Kneel before Zod!!! You can could also follow him on Twitter at @MarcMcD! R.I.P., Rest In Podcast.

Doug Frye

Doug is co-host and resident “rich baritone” of Schlock Treatment. Doug has seen more movies than any human with a social life and eye-sight still intact should possibly be expected to see. Don’t test him, he’s a man who could stop a bullet with a steely glare. Plus, he’s probably drunk and likely to fail whatever test you have planned (he calls it “passing with flying colors”). It’s not a driving test, right? Because that wouldn’t work out too well in his condition. You can follow Doug on Twitter @DigDougFrye!

Matt Ringler

Matt is the most recently joined co-host of Schlock Treatment. He has managed to beat out Kirk for the title of co-host, since Kirk stopped recording weekly. He’s a lover not a fighter. No, wait…he’s a picker and a grinner. No, that’s not it either. He sometimes dresses like Dr. Who, and is rather amused by slapstick humor. He has been known to solve mysteries at dinner parties. There are some who call him….Tim? Find Matt on Twitter also, as @DoesntMattR!

Kirk Howle

Kirk is was the semi-regular special guest star of Schlock Treatment. He’s ginger. He’s also the artsy-fartsy, musical type. That’s why chicks dig him. They dig him so much, that one actually agreed to marry him! Can you believe it? I know!

Anyway…where was I? Oh yeah. Kirk. He‘s was also on this show…and on Twitter as @KirkHowle R.I.P., Rest In Podcast.