Treatment 239 – Judge Dredd (1995)

The Matt & Doug Show, aka Schlock Treatment, kicks off its annual tradition of calling September some other word that starts with S-tember. This year, you’re in for a real treat, because it’s Stallonetember! We’re running hard out of the gate, too, into the near future┬ádystopia of… Judge Dredd! Doug sentences Stallone to star in … Continue reading Treatment 239 – Judge Dredd (1995)

Treatment 143 – Project X

So-called “simiantember” continues, with yet another “monkey” movie. Let’s face it, folks, we didn’t think this one through. We’re only on the 3rd of 4 monkey flicks, and we’re scraping bottom in a big way. To add to the pain, we were Doug-less this week. We apologize in advance. Project X This is a sappy … Continue reading Treatment 143 – Project X

Treatment 142 – King Kong (’76)

You know, once in a while you need a little break. And this break seems to have done us well, because we’re back with a vengeance in this latest episode! King Kong (’76) Yes, our “Simiantember” all-monkey/ape themed month continues with us wondering what the hell we were thinking! Of course, we couldn’t pay homage … Continue reading Treatment 142 – King Kong (’76)