Treatment 267 – Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

thunderdome3And now, back to our regularly scheduled countdown to the end of days. We welcome back, for one last appearance, podcast favorite Abby Denson! Speaking of the end, we wander into the pocky-lips this week as we venture to…

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome!

Abby discusses amorous amusement park ride preferences (perv guest of 2016)!

Matt relives the horror’s of the electrified cage match!

Doug blows Mel Gibson’s master (blaster) plan wide open!

Next week: The boys are back together! Marc and Kirk come back for the big finale, Kolchak in The Night Strangler!

15 thoughts on “Treatment 267 – Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”

  1. Abigail, Matthew and Doug, and Kirk, and Marc too, All of you will be missed. I started about 100 episodes ago. I discovered an incredible podcast that quickly became one of my favorite podcasts. The Vineyard episode changed my life. I discovered an incredible piece of cinema that should live on in the hearts and minds of everyone that loves schlocky films and films in general. Also I discovered a love of Sir Rudy Ray Moore and have started watching his other hits like Dolemite and the Disco Godfather. Rest In Podcast, Schlock Jocks you really created something special that touched a few weirdos in a special way and made them comment on the show just like this.

    1. If we turned even one person on to Rudy Ray Moore films, then we didn’t die in vain out here. Thanks for hanging with us, Spencerist!

  2. Thanks guys for all the hours of great entertainment. I’ve been listening since the Streets of Fire episode. It will be bizarre to not hear your voices every week. To say Schlock Treatment is my favourite podcast is an understatement.

    Thanks for all the laughs and memories. Everytime I hear Ub-40’s Red Red Wine I always think of your lyrics to ‘Red Red Dawn’. “In the mouuuth” and “My favourite Queen song is Fat Bottomed Girls” have become in-jokes between me and my friends. Also Matt’s Dad’s fannypack full of change.

    Best of luck Matt, Doug, Kirk and Marc. Rest in podcast

    1. Pretty sure being part of someone’s in-jokes is the highest praise any podcast can receive. Thanks for listening and writing in, Canoots!

  3. Dear Schlock Jockeys
    As a member of your European fanbase, thank you for introducing us to some of the most mesmerisingly bizarre examples of American film and TV. Before listening to your show i had literally no idea that GI Joe was in fact a surreal avant-garde satire of US culture and society. It’s also been fascinating to have a window into the daily lives of real-life New York sophisticates.
    In all seriousness, I don’t think I can express my feelings any better than the previous commenters – listening to this podcast has brightened so many otherwise dull days. The time you’ve spent putting these episodes together has been much appreciated, even if only by random weirdos like me. You are natural entertainers – do not rest in podcast too long!

  4. This is horseshit. Schlock Treatment is my favorite podcast and I’m deeply upset that you guys are throwing in the towel. As I write this, I’m watching this week’s Kolchak episode and I’m happy to report Darren McGavin is screaming every other line of dialogue for no discernible reason. This podcast made me watch some of the most bizarre shit I’ve ever seen (The Baby, Never Too Young To Die, Society) It also inspired me to nickname my dick “The Hammer of C Block” for which I’m eternally grateful. Since you’re quitting, I will never get my wish of you covering “The Jazz Singer (1980)”. A touching coming of age story starring Neil Diamond (who is in his 40s and performs in blackface). How did this film never make the cut?! Sigh. Anyway, good luck in your retirement. I like to picture you guys spending your golden years rockfishing off of the S.S. Wilson.
    P.S. – how can I access the old episodes? iTunes only goes back so far and I can’t hear all the ones I missed. I never even heard the origin of the fucking “miner” voices.

    1. Hey Cush,

      I saw your post and logged in for the first time in about a year to fix the feed length, so that all of the episodes would become available on iTunes.

      The good news: all of the episodes should now become available on iTunes.

      The bad news: I updated a bunch of plugins, the version of wordpress, and the theme, and SURPRISE….the site is now broken (appearance-wise). I’m afraid I can’t be arsed to fix it, so ENJOY THE NEW LOOK OF THE SCHLOCK TREATMENT WEBSITE EVERYONE!!

      1. Awesome! Just checked the iTunes feed and all of the past episodes are there. This treasure trove of lost episodes helps ease the sting of losing the show. Rest in podcast fellas

  5. Basically the show has been dead to me since we recorded the last episode but Doug told me people were saying nice things so I had to come swing by. Thanks to everyone who listened and encouraged our bad movie habit and stuck with it through the Matt & Doug New New Rockers Podcast Boyz eps. The last ep is a lot of fun, you guys will enjoy it.

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