Treatment 266 – Gigli


The great lost episode comes around after all, as we welcome Jessica Cole to the podcast! She forces us to tackle one of the all-time horror shows of cinema, the legendary pile that is…


Doug determines which names are no longer relevant!

Jessica comes loaded with director Martin Brest trivia!

We clearly needed a few drinks to even record talking about this, and go to great lengths to talk about pretty much anything but Gigli (rhymes with ‘really’)!

Next week: We welcome back, for one final appearance, Abby Denson to wander into the wasteland of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome!

3 thoughts on “Treatment 266 – Gigli”

  1. Mad Max is my favourite movie series of all time, as long as I pretend that Beyond Thunderdome doesn’t exist. I don’t know, maybe I’ll give it another watch to see if it’s a s bad as I remember.

    Well, I suppose I had better get in my final thoughts on the podcast as a whole.

    I wrote a lot of mushy stuff in the comments for episode 200, and most of that still applies. When I was living on my own in a small town with a bunch of not-always-so-friendly locals, away from my friends and family, listening to Schlock Treatment and participating in the comments let me be a part of a small but dedicated community. In a place where I often found little more to do than go to the movie theatre or, later on in the summer, the car racing track ,writing the wiki gave me something constructive-ish to do while sitting around at home alone on the weeknights.

    Listening to this show and writing comments in to you guys has been a really fun part of my life for the past few years, and thinking about it really makes me realize how few podcasts like this are around anymore. It’s become a business now, and with all the “networks” and monetization and celebrity involvement, it’s tough to find any of the smaller amateur stuff.

    So thanks to Marc for coming up with the show and holding it together for so long, Kirk for all of his Kirk jokes, Doug for being cool, and Matt for being Matt. Thanks all the great guests that have added so much, to all of the other great listeners, and thanks to all of you guys for putting up with me for so long. Be seeing you!


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