Treatment 265 – The Guest

14JPSTEVEN3-articleLargeThe countdown to the end was interrupted, but now it’s back on! Gigli will happen soon, but we soldiered on this week with a favorite podcast guest, who has ironically chosen to cover…

The Guest!

Matt and Maggie confuse Doug with reality TV talk!

Maggie and Doug confuse Matt with Downton Abbey talk!

Doug and Matt confuse Maggie with Balloonman talk!

Next week: We’ll give this Gigli bullshit another try!

One thought on “Treatment 265 – The Guest”

  1. The discussion of the new regular ‘bits’ (“kick it”/ballooning/etc) shows that sadly it is necessary to end Schlock Treatment soon regardless of the continued quality of the show.

    I see an alternative future. The continued addition of new bits, at an ever increasing rate, causes them to dominate the content of the show. Attempts to slow their growth prove futile when combined with a reluctance of the hosts to lengthen the podcast to accommodate them.

    After a failed attempt to ‘chop and screw’ the bits into a more concise format (similar to the original change of musical theme) that still met the minimum required callback count, things reached a tragic end with Show 495 (Razorback), when the podcast ended before the title of the film had even been mentioned in the 17th minute of a drum solo (in 10:8 time) backed by a repeated loop of Doug saying ‘Kick it’.

    Rest in Podcast

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