Treatment 264 – Kenny Rogers as The Gambler

http://schlocktreatment.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Treatment-264-Kenny-Rogers-as-The-Gambler.mp3Jump_into_your_s_with_an_34;actually_34;_like...Ground control, we’ve returned from orbit! We’ve woken up to a strange new world like Planet of the Apes, though! This is also a backwards, mixed up madhouse ruled by…

Kenny Rogers as The Gambler!

Matt and Doug go all in with an earth-shattering bomb!

Matt folds ’em on his new version of “The Gambler!”

Doug doubles down on ballooning!

Next week: We have a new special guest, Jessica Cole, to honorĀ BvS when we cover Gigli!

7 thoughts on “Treatment 264 – Kenny Rogers as The Gambler”

  1. Ha ha. Great April Fool’s joke guys. Right?

    Well, at least now I can fall any farther behind on the Wiki.

  2. You weren’t kidding about the earth-shattering bomb dropped in this episode–finding out Teen Witch is back on Netflix has completely changed my day.

    Best of luck in your future endeavours Matt and Doug. I hope your individual journeys lead you to more adventures in recording someday because you both have comedy chops (Wooooo!) that I enjoy listening to. Thank you for your service and try not to fuck up your legacy in these last few episodes.
    R.I.P. ( Redundancy in P.I.N.) Schlock Treatment.

  3. I guarantee you on James Hong’s life that, Blacula will be streaming again the minute you’re done recording the last episode. Mark (MacDonald) My Words!

  4. One of my favorite jokes on the show was the breaking the seal/flaps/how men pee discussion on Treatment 129 aka Legion of Iron. It Always Destroys Me.

  5. I was hoping that the announcement was an April Fool’s joke but I guess not…boo!! I am going to miss you guys lots!!

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