Treatment 263 – Moonraker


Space month concludes this week with its only actual entry. Amazingly, we’re also covering our very first James Bond picture. We’re jetting to the inky blackness of the cosmos in a…


Matt and Doug recreate the lost mailbag!

Doug reinvents the movie novelization!

Matt finds the heart and soul of the Moonraker!

Next week: We’re getting about as far from sci-fi as possible, when we travel back to the Old West for Kenny Rogers’s classic, The Gambler!

3 thoughts on “Treatment 263 – Moonraker”

  1. The director of this film, directed Thunderball, which Connery Bond at its worst, and Spy Who Loved Me. All of these revolve around a bigger thing absorbing a smaller version of sad thing. I love Moonraker, it’s my go to Bond film behind Skyfall. I don’t love Skyfall but it moves at a great pace.

  2. You guys want some recommendations? Here are some Doppelganger (the one with Drew Barrymore, you’ll have buy it but it’s bizarre and stupid, worth it), American Shaolin (it’s on Youtube), D Duck (it’s on Youtube), Bill and Ted (It’s on Netflix), Drunken Master (It’s on Netlix), Contact (It’s on Netflix), A Team (It’s back on Netflix), Teen Witch (Netflix), Existenz (Netflix), and From Dusk Til Dawn (Netflix).

  3. I hope that “The Gambler” opens up a new “movies based on songs” month. Next week you could do Convoy…oh wait you already did that for Large March a few years ago. Well you could also do…uh, never mind.

    Anyway, you’ve foolishly opened the floodgates to listener movie suggestions, so here ya go:

    Used Cars (1980): One of Kurt Russell’s early films. Russell plays a sleazy used car salesman who needs $10, 000 to buy his way into a Senate nomination. His boss offers to loan him the money, but is murdered by his evil brother who wants to take over the car lot that very night. The lot’s employees hide the body to keep the brother from inheriting the business, and the wacky hijinks escalate from there. Available for free on Crackle, and perfect for April’s Fools.

    Viper (1996): A secret agent with a high-tech spy car Dodge Viper. I’d love to see this done for Summer Reruns, as I’ve been wanting to watch this show for a long time now.

    Madame Sin (1972): I suggested this one a while ago. Bette Davis and Robert Wagner are amazing in it.

    I’d also suggest checking out Shout Factory’s streaming service at They’ve got tons of old cult movies available for free. George A Romero’s Knightriders looks fun, it’s about medieval style jousting…but on motorcycles!

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