Treatment 261 – Starflight One

starflight-one-irrflug-ins-all-100~_v-facebook1200_2d6fdaWell, it was bound to happen to us sooner or later. We lost the audio on an episode (Doug lost it, not we). Maybe this was the best week, maybe it was the best episode for it to happen. There’s a brief wrap up of the episode in the audio, mostly for some good ballooning, and what more is there to really say about…

Starflight One: The Plane That Couldn’t Land!

Matt and Doug lose an episode (DOUG lost it)!

Matt drops a ballooning so good that we had to have this wrap up!

Doug makes a true mercy ballooning!

Next week: It’s impromptu space month, sure, but there’s a little side-trip in the middle to Gremlins 2: The New Batch with Kirk and Abby!

2 thoughts on “Treatment 261 – Starflight One”

  1. Nice to see you guys finally taking the advice of that one listener from Schlock Treatmnt’s early days who used to e-mail Marc that the episodes were way too long. Hopefully this will satisfy that dude.

  2. This was the best episode since Podcast Dudez starring only Matt R.

    Marc must have really been spliffing the drugs bong hard to dream up this one in his subconscious.

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