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Treatment 260- Darkman

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The Matt and Doug Show Myspace Boyz continues Superhero Month with Sam Raimi’s pre-Spiderman superhero adventure…


Matt & Doug break down what Airplane Mode even means.

Matt has his greatest Balloonman choice ever.

Doug whips out a killer Liam Neeson impression.

Next week: We wanted to do something OLD so we went back to the ’80s for the Lee Majors made-for-tv-movie Starflight: The Plane That Couldn’t Land!

5 thoughts on “Treatment 260- Darkman”

  1. Canadians do have guns, there’s a lot of wilderness between our dozen or so big cities. We just have a stricter laws governing them. Though to be fair, I have mentioned before that I once witnessed an attempted double-murder suicide by a guy with a handgun, so…

    This Hour Has 22 Minutes is a Canadian comedy-news show that’s been running since 1993. There are four anchors who make jokes about headlines, do sketches based on current events, and ambush interview politicians. Mary Walsh created it, and it’s one of my favourite shows.

    The name is based on a Canadian documentary news show from the ’60’s called This Hour Has Seven Days, which was known for pushing boundaries to the point that when CBC fired two of the hosts for biased reporting, it led to a parliamentary inquiry. Thus ends this Canadian TV history lesson.

    As for Lexx, I’ve started watching it with a couple of my friends. We’re through 3 of the 4 movies, and I’m glad to say it’s just as weird as I remember. The Rutger Hauer brain worms episode was pretty great.

  2. Hey doug, I liked your shatneresque re-mix of your adventures in recording song. Matt, does your 80’s re-mix collection include I confess by the English Beat? I was happy to hear the my space boys talk about Peep show. I am a super fan and have done a couple peep show hype posts on my FB page to try and get people into it. I think it’s too dark and misanthropic for the average joe schmoe.

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