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Treatment 259- Æon Flux

Mrs FrizzleImpromptu superheroes month continues! We’re drinking from pools of Liquid Television this week, to bring you the big-screen adaptation of a freaky futuristic spy story…

Æon Flux!

Matt & Doug bring families together!

Matt finds some serious holes in Charlize Theron’s career!

Doug club-remixes the opening theme!

Next week: We’re (probably) rounding out superhero month with Sam Raimi’s Darkman!

2 thoughts on “Treatment 259- Æon Flux”

  1. Matt knows about Lexx! It always astounds me when someone else has heard of that show. It used to be on Showcase in the afternoon when I would come home from school. I had this weird reaction of equal interest and repulsion with that show. I tried to watch it numerous times, but I just found something about it really disturbing. I just remember one episode where Mary Walsh from This Hour Has 22 Minutes played the mother of some kid with weird powers, and he locked her outside their house while a bunch of zombies were coming for them. Add all the disembodied brains running the spaceship, one character being a dead guy, and all the stuff about reprogramming personalities and bodies and the show as a whole just made very little sense to me.

    I need to go back and watch it from a more mature point of view now.

  2. Darkman was much better than I remembered (I rented it on VHS from Blockbuster when I was 13). It is a great superhero movie nah great movie, I’d rather watch it than any Marvel movie or DC movie. I give it 4 thumbs up for sense of fun, humor, action, and Mr. Liam. Though the only weird thing is the length Darkman went to killing that dude with the long hair in the warehouse at the end. I don’t think blowing up an entire warehouse to kill a single person is a very economical use of violence. Either way, the movie really kicks ass, I assume you guys also loved it if not, you’re wrong. Raimi’s best film.

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