Skeletor and the Curious Quartet

Treatment 257 – Masters of the Universe

Skeletor and the Curious QuartetThis was a big one–we needed a hand with a project this sizable. We’re joined once again by our old friend and future Schlock Treatment Hall-of-Famer, Kirk Howle! (He has experience with this sort of thing, you know.) This week, we travel to a strange dimension, one of goofy sights and terrible sounds, as we try to determine just who are the…

Masters of the Universe!

Matt delves too deeply in Marc’s psyche!

Kirk says the weirdest stuff!

Doug shares an important health tip on smoking!

Next week: We look at a lesser Gotham superhero when we visit Catwoman!

7 thoughts on “Treatment 257 – Masters of the Universe”

  1. I am both Inspector and Gadget. I am both Kirk fan and Matt/Doug fan. I am have 2 arms and 8 arms at the same time. I am both organic and inorganic. I am both Miner and Human Tornado. I am everything and Nothing and a Schlock Treatment Superfan too.

    Sidenote, When you guys were taking about Eternians, the thought of a newspaper called the Eternian Post popped in my head. It would run stories on He Man being a Trump supporter and Prince Adam being surprisingly liberal and backing Bernie. This makes no sense but only a few people would know that this is an impossible task.

  2. More Marc impressions please. I like it when it sounds like there are two or more hallucinating Marcs hosting the show. Probably because I’m a figment of his imagination.

  3. Kirk blew my mind with his genie in a bottle thing…the most my brain has tried to work today. I think I strained a brain muscle

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