Treatment 255 – Ninja III: The Domination

Ninja-III-Domination-1984We’re back after a three-week dry spell for this first podcast of 2016! Matt could unfortunately not join us, but we called in a pair of big guns for backup. A couple of regulars and old friends stop by to help us stand up to…

Ninja III: The Domination!

Abby picks up on the litany  of Golan-Globus’ “influences” behind their choices!

Marcus finds the scene that Roman Polanski ripped off from Ninja III!

Doug reminisces on days spent at the sword store!

Next time: No show next week again, but then we’ll get to the DMX classic, Cradle 2 the Grave!

3 thoughts on “Treatment 255 – Ninja III: The Domination”

  1. This is a very good movie. I’ve got the Scream Factory Blu-ray, but I’ve never watched it with other people. It seems like the perfect movie for that kind of thing.

    Speaking of, as the Vice President of the UBC Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society, I was tasked with suggesting movies for our team-up with the Film Society. The result was a big screen theatrical presentation of Death Race 2000. Watching the reactions of people who have never seen that movie before is one of my favourite things.

  2. Cradle 2 tha Grave is like XXX: State of the Union if it was hilariously good bad. DMX is hilarious as an action hero. That part where he ran up a wall, I broke and couldn’t laughing fro a few minutes. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece of shit of an action. Also Jet Li and (SPOILER ALERT) the villain dude that gets vaporized in the end were fantastic. 2 Thumbs Down for quality, 2 Thumbs Up for Entertainment and Comedy/Stupidity. It’s a shame DMX never became a bigger star.

  3. I was walking down a busy sidewalk on the way home from work while I listened to this episode, and when Doug pronounced the producers’ names as “Golem Golobulus” I exploded with sudden laughter. I thank you. And the people of New York City also thank you. Keep on crankin’ out that delicious salsa, guys!

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