Treatment 253 – Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas


The Matt & Doug Show, aka Schlock Treatment, aka The New New Rockers (not the old New Rockers) close out holiday season with another Christmas miracle. We’ve rummaged through the box of oddball cartoon specials, and found the back-from-the-dead…

Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas!

Matt & Doug pull a real Gift of the Magi when…

Doug reveals to Matt the face of Dr. Claw, and…

Matt shows Doug Inspector Gadget’s original look!

Next week: 2015- the year in review in…The Schlockies!

6 thoughts on “Treatment 253 – Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas”

  1. I always felt the same way about Inspector Gadget as Matt did. I so wanted him to be cool, but everything about that show (other than the theme song) always just felt so lame.

    But anyway, I don’t want to give away too much, now that you’ve discovered my master plan to take over Schlock Treatment and then get too busy and abandon it after a couple months.

  2. I vote Abby as best guest of the year, she adds a fun perversion to the show, and Marcus as worst because of his incest comments on Society aka Treatment 213.

      1. Maggie is like your cousin that graduated from law school in 3 years but still likes stupid dumb movies.

        Abby is like the cool artsy friend you met in high school but still hang out with.

        Danielle is like the next door neighbor that you have a lot in common with but didn’t talking until recently after a few years of being neighbors.

  3. Dr. Claw’s voice is exactly the same as the Black Scorpion’s and the Shockmaster’s. Was Ole Anderson the true enemy of Inspector Gadget?

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