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Treatment 252- Santa With Muscles

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Mr. Podcast himself, Jon Cross, from The After Movie Diner comes by to discuss the Wolf of Wall Street produced, Hulk Hogan starring, Mila Kunis-introducing 1996 Christmas classic


Doug explains many jokes!

Matt uncovers the unfair treatment of Garrett Moris!

Jon loves this movie!

Next week: We’re moving on with the Christmas spirit with Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas!

6 thoughts on “Treatment 252- Santa With Muscles”

  1. When I was kid, the daycare my parents forced me to go to every day after school would have a movie day once per week (on Friday, probably). One time, around Christmas, a kid who was a few years younger than me brought in his VHS copy of Santa With Muscles. Apparently the staff had given it the OK, then at the last minute decided it was too violent to show the kids, despite the fact that it was a kids movie.

    And after all that, they still ended up showing Jurassic Park on one of those movie afternoons…albeit after they had sent permission slips to all the parents.

    Sam Jackson’s severed arm was fine, but they figured that there was no way us mere children could handle the Hulkster’s 24-inch pythons.

    1. OK, you guys laughed at the thought of your listeners being into ornithology and made a Super Mario Checkers joke at my expense.

      I’m a biology student and have an ornithology exam tomorrow afternoon. I can send you a paper I worked on as proof.

  2. Jon Cross may think no one cares about the gain knobs on the official Schlock Treatment audio board being diddled, but I guarantee’s passion for this segment runs deep.

  3. Re: Hogan’s wig
    I don’t know the timeline of this movie’s production, but the Hulkster, early in his NWO run, actually main evented a WCW PPV wearing this wig, or a similar one. Well, he started the match wearing it, but I believe Randy Savage tore it off. I’ll link you to it if I find it.

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