Treatment 249- Monster Squad


We are at episode 249, people! One classic episode away from hitting 250. Over five years of work have gone into this trash heap. And like your uncle hitting the Gibley’s Gin at noon on an empty stomach before the turkey is served, the Myspace Boys return to ruin another childhood favorite…


Matt cannot stand the antici………………….

Doug tries to figure out Rudy’s motivation for wanting to hang out with kids well younger than he is.

Plus Matt and Doug unveil the newest iteration of WHO WOULD YOU BALLOON!

Next week: The entire original cast of Schlock Treatment (Kirk, Marc, Doug, Matt) unite for the 250 extravaganza to bring down David Bowie’s junks in Labyrinth.

……..pation for 250!

2 thoughts on “Treatment 249- Monster Squad”

  1. Great episode! I am loving the “Who would you Balloon”? If it would have worked on Dracula…I’d pick him because I always thought he was annoying. He wasn’t scary. He was just bad.

    I am waiting with bated breath for the 250 episode… Labyrinth is one of my all time favorite movies (nothing you say can ruin it) and I’m dying to hear what you guys say 😉

  2. Hearing you say there was no new mail during the recording of this episode and knowing Kirk’s travel schedule leads me to believe that episode 250 is already in the can and you’re probably recording episode 300 by now. So, congratulations on episode 500. Seriously, I can’t believe it’s already been 1000 episodes. It seems like just yesterday you were two elderly men recording episode 2500. Here’s to 4000 more!

    Fuck Spaceballs!

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