Treatment 248 – Gremlins


Like your drunken parents fighting over grandma’s casual racism at the Thanksgiving table, we’re back to ruin more of your fondest memories*! This week’s targets include DM(X), Myspace, Balloonman, your childhood, and of course…


Matt critiques high school Gremlin studies!

Doug shares his own microwave horror story!

Matt and Doug mete out justice in a new regular segment!

Next week: The creature carnage of Gremlins flows over into The Monster Squad!

*Void in Canada, where Thanksgiving is held in the wrong month.

3 thoughts on “Treatment 248 – Gremlins”

  1. I had to cut my time travel peeve list short for pretty much the same reason I had to abandon the wiki project indefintely, which is the fact that I’ve been leading a very busy life recently. For instance, I was forced to listen to part of this episode while walking through the neighborhood in the rain at half past midnight while balancing half a cold pizza, a cheap chess set, a Mancala board, and Super Mario Checkers in one hand and a poker set in the other. But such is the cost of one’s fully fulfilled potential.

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