Treatment 240- Daylight


Stallonetember journeys on as The Matt & Doug Show, aka Schlock Treatment, speeds into the Stallone River Tunnel trying to make it to the mid-river passage of the being halfway done with this month in covering…


Doug poses a theory that Dan Hedaya stole Raul Julia’s mustache after Addams Family.

Matt relishes the two separate times in this movie that Stallone punches explosives into the tunnel walls.

Next week: We venture back into the jungle even though we’ve already escaped the jungle to try and verify that the jungle is in fact empty with Rambo 2: First Blood Part II!

One thought on “Treatment 240- Daylight”

  1. I like it when Schlock Treatment episodes are posted late because that usually means I have to wait less days for the next episode. Sure, it averages out to a net zero, but it’s the feeling that counts.

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