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Treatment 236 – Madhouse

Go Crazy! The Schlock Treatment family grows by one this week, kind of like when the Batman family adds a new Batwoman. We’re doing them one better, though, because we’ve got Danielle Henderson! Speaking of guests, Danielle brought us a tale of overstayed house guests in the John Larroquette/Kirstie Alley vehicle (actually, that’s a house)…


Doug lays down lessons on old Netflix business models and Build-a-Bear insurance!

Matt defines Gotham for Beginners and NYC couch planning!

Danielle gives a sneak peek into horror-loving pyromaniac grandmas!

Next week: We’re staying topical with one of the main subjects of Straight Outta Compton! That’s right, we’re looking at you, Ice Cube, in xXx: State of the Union!

13 thoughts on “Treatment 236 – Madhouse”

  1. I was very touched by your compliments about me in the opening banter. A feeling that was immediately smashed when your guest demanded that I be banned for my efforts.

    Her sudden animosity towards me notwithstanding, I quite liked Ms. Henderson as a guest. She has great energy and fit in very well with the show.

    But this movie…I absolutely hated it. I found every single character to be unlikeable. The protagonists were spineless and bland, and everyone else was a grab-bag of shrill, annoying, gross, and racist character tropes. I think I laughed maybe once in the whole time I was watching it, and what’s worse is that I felt like it was a good concept rendered ineffectual by terrible writing and mean-spiritedness. In spite of the “No Comedy!” jokes that are made at Marc’s expense, I always understood why he had that rule, because there’s no worse movie than a bad comedy.

    Madhouse has a 5.2 on IMDB, and most of it’s written reviews are very positive. I guess I’m in the minority, but I would probably watch Master of Disguise again before I would watch this again.

    1. Oh and another thing. You guys compared this movie to Christmas Vacation, which is funny because when I watched it I remember thinking “this is a lot like Christmas Vacation, except without any of the charm or humour.”

  2. I really liked this episode and thought Danielle was great. I realized about 10 minutes into the show that I had heard Danielle on Julie Klausner’s excellent ‘How Was Your Week’ podcast a while back, and I thought her interview was one of the best.

    Also, to take a page from Spencer’s book, I also have a podcast called Deep Rotation. It’s a music show where I have a guest pick a band, I listen to all their records and then we talk about them. So far I’ve done shows on Pearl Jam, The Beastie Boys and the MTV Party to Go ’99 compilation just to name a few. It’s on iTunes if anyone’s interested. Sorry for the self-promotion.

  3. The Cast Next Door does in fact cover the Boy Next Door minute by minute so each episode covers a minute of the film. You’d be surprised how much you can get from a minute of a movie. We did a podcast previous to this that covered A Talking Cat?! minute by minute called A Talking Cast?!. You guys need to watch A Talking Cat?! It’s a fantastic cinematic experience that everyone needs.

    Danielle was a great guest on par with Maggie and the queen of fun pervs Abbie. I can’t wait when Danielle stops by the Schlock Treatment offices again. Matthew, Douglas you two were on point and hilarious throughout the whole thing.

    1. I don’t know why, but reading that Boy Next Door isn’t the first movie you’ve done minute-by-minute makes it seem all the more insane. Maybe the internet has too many things. I’m still downloading the episodes, but come on.

    2. A Talking Cat!?! is one of the great works of our time. Never has the phrase “Phoning it in” been more accurate.

      I also still need to track down a copy of the movie formerly known as A Talking Pony!?!.

      1. We plan on covering the other DeCoteau talking creature films. I have A Christmas Puppy which has no talking animal and isn’t about a talking dog.

    3. Thanks, I should add “queen of fun pervs ” to my business card! I enjoyed A Talking Cat!?! and I want to see A Talking Pony!?! too sometime. I’ll have to check out your podcasts.

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