Treatment 235 – Hell Comes to Frogtown


With Matt away this week, Doug invited a few people over to Schlock Industries for an impromptu wake of one of our heroes, the late Roddy Piper. Amazingly, this is only our second Piper movie (we started at the top). Join Doug, Abby, Marcus, and the LeopardactylsKirk and Rollie, as we scavenge the nuke-blasted future of…

Hell Comes to Frogtown!

We discuss wrestling action figures, about which Abby makes a massive faux pas!

We talk Piper’s wrestling tactics and accomplishments, leading to Virgil getting an inordinate amount of podcast time!

Targets falling under our scrutiny include [name redacted], film violence “for women’s own good,” and the iWatch!

Next week: We’re back to our regularly scheduled programming, and special guest Danielle Henderson takes us to a Madhouse (a madhouse)!

3 thoughts on “Treatment 235 – Hell Comes to Frogtown”

  1. This was a really great episode. I’m surprised no one mentioned Piper painting himself half black and making monkey noises at Bad News Brown. Then again, maybe someone did and I don’t remember because I’ve been drinking.

    Also, in reference to The X-Files episode, I’m not actually from Australia, but rather from Kirk’s old stomping ground of Northeast Ohio. Australia actually terrifies me because I just assume everything there is both highly venomous and constantly on fire.

  2. So long story short, I talk about podcasts with my wife, my mother-in-law heard me talking about the Manhunter episode, especially how the Tooth Fairy eats the painting, and she told me they did that scene on the show last week. This Hannibal talk got me thinking, for no good reason, about your other favorite show, Gotham, and more specifically, how Will Graham would do tracking down the cookoo for Cocoa Puffs villains of the Gotham-verse. Admittedly I quit Hannibal after the first season, so I don’t know if it ever went to crazy town, but I just can’t imagine Lawrence Fishburne calling Hugh Dancy into his office to look at a messed up dead body and Graham does his shtick of picturing the killings and says “I’m tying him to a weather balloon.” Sure the really daffy Batman villains like Killer Croc would ruin it, because how can the super-serious FBI hunt a crocodile-man, but even the more possible villains like Calendar Man or The Spirit of the Goat would ruin a serious FBI procedural like Hannibal.

    I realize now that I should have posted this to the Manhunter episode, but I’m slowly typing this on my iPhone at work and I don’t feel like trying to figure out how to copy and paste.

  3. Bonus Rowdy Rollie commentary:

    – Schlock Treatment cold opening should have been all of us humming “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”

    – Hell Comes to Frogtown was definitely the worst in the whole Hellraiser franchise. Pinhead wasn’t even in this one.

    – When Kirk starting re-writing the movie to include fly-in-my-soup jokes I should have said something like “The movie isn’t HOWLE Comes to Frogtown, Kirk” in a real sassy voice.

    – How did the dirty runaway girl that Roddy spent the night with end up completely clean by morning? Did he give her a tongue bath? Was Roddy secretly a frog?

    – Was Roddy’s torture scene an homage to Rambo’s torture scene?

    – How could that tiny enemy vehicle have such a gigantic cannon nozzle on it? Wouldn’t the recoil be devastating?

    – Why did Roddy think his friends were killed when the Pink Car was blown up? There were no dead bodies or body parts anywhere.

    – The big finale took place at the same filming location as the Mr. Show skit “Jeepers Creepers” (and a million other movies).

    – Roddy’s face was beaten to a bloody mess by Commander Toty, but when he reunites with Spangle for the Big Kiss minutes later, his face is clean as a non-bloody whistle.

    – Fantasy casting for Hell Comes to Frogtown: the Reboot with current WWE Superstars! I’m thinking Dean Ambrose in Roddy’s role. Summer Rae would probably be a good physical match for Sandahl Bergman’s role, but I’d rather see announcer Renee Young (Dean Ambrose’s IRL GF) have a shot. Nattie Neidhart could play Centinella and Ric Flair would play the crazy old man originally handled by Rory Calhoun. Wooooo!

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