Treatment 232- Baywatch/Baywatch Nights

hqdefaultThis week finds our heroes in the most dangerous place they’ve traveled to date: Venice Beach! The Matt and Doug Show, aka Schlock Treatment, aka the New New Rockers, aka Cool Sandwich Bros., have a lot on their plate (besides sandwiches). We’re nose-to-nose with world champion wrestlers, unfrozen viking warriors, and skin cancer when we sail to…

Baywatch & Baywatch Nights!

Matt and Doug try to puzzle out why Baywatch Nights happened!

Doug comes to the table with a new character…who should have come around the week prior!

Matt uncovers some secrets Mario Van Peebles would rather stay hidden!

Next week: Returning guest Maggie Serota wants the airwaves, baby, so The X-Files stays alive! Believe in Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose and  Bad Blood, because they’re out there!

6 thoughts on “Treatment 232- Baywatch/Baywatch Nights”

  1. The credits for Baywatch Nights ran for half the episode. Nils Allen Stewart aka Viking #2 was a stuntman for Escape from LA aka Treatment 164. His imdb has a picture of him with a shaved head except for a patch of long hair on the back of his head. It looks worse than you think. He also did stunts for The Quest aka Treatment 81. NNNEEEWWWW YYYOORRKKK CCIITTYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh man, I’ve been waiting all week for this. Watching this episode of Baywatch changed my life. Since I was five years old, I have been engaged in writing my own stories. Short fiction mostly, as a hobby while I trained for real life and real work. But having watched Baywatch’s Bash at the Beach episode, how can I ever hope than my own writing can live up to the stories told in this landmark television event?

    We are lured in to watch the simple main story of the episode. Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage are back at their old stomping grounds. With the help of some heroic lifeguards, they hope to save the California youth centre that helped put both The Hulkster and The Macho Man on to the right path, despite the fact that Savage is clearly announced later on as being from Sarasota, Florida. Savage is initially miffed at Hogan for “leaving him hanging” during their jet ski race, though he is quick to show his interest in the female lifeguards, thus himself betraying the trust of his wife, Miss Elizabeth. Was this foreshadowing the real Bash at the Beach Pay-Per-View, where Hogan would turn his back on Savage, Sting and all of WCW to form the New World Order? Of course it was.

    Hogan and Savage train in montage to Hulk’s “American Made” theme music, preparing to solve their problems the only way they know how: through wrestling. They do not interact in any way with Mitch, Stephanie, and Dr. Tom. Perhaps they know that even the powers of Hulkamania and 24-inch pythons cannot prevent an innocent woman’s body from turning on itself. Any comfort they may offer would be false. The writers of Baywatch brilliantly juxtapose what seems like a big problem, solved through mere fists, and what seems like a small problem, but one which leads to more pain and psychological distress than any healthy, powerful wrestler could understand. Alexandra Paul’s performance echoes that of the legendary Charlton Heston in the climax of Soylent Green, expressing her shock by trying to make the world understand the truth behind sun safety.

    Also, I noticed that like 20 minutes into Baywatch Nights’ 42 minute runtime opening credits were still playing over the show. What’s up with that?

  3. The wrestling stuff was taken from Bash at the Beach ’95. These Bash at the Beach PPVs were instrumental in bankrupting WCW, as no one had to pay to get in to watch it. In regards to Macho’s lumberjack match, there were actually a ton of actual wrestlers as lumberjacks. The full list is as follows:

    Arn Anderson, Booker T, The Nasty Boys, Bunkhouse Buck, DDP, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Dick Slater, Dave Sullivan (Kevin’s dyslexic ‘brother”), Marc Mero, Stevie Ray, Mark Starr, Max Muscle and Champagne Chris Kanyon.

  4. And another thing!

    Angie Harmon was one of my biggest crushes as a kid (alongside Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes and Kim Deal from the Pixies) and remains my favorite ‘Law & Order’ ADA. Matt’s right, she is too good an actress for this, but just barely.

    And finally, since she’s going to be there next week, Maggie Serota is dope and she’s the reason I originally started listening.

  5. VHS mould is a real thing! I want to believe!

    Also, I take partial credit for the creation of Box Moulder

  6. My first note for this episode is Matt’s pronunciation of Newark, the city in Delaware. It’s actually pronounced NEW-ARK (like if Noah got a new boat to navigate the floods). This is slightly different than Newark, the city in New Jersey, which is pronounced NEW-URK, (like if Steve Urkel got a new television show to navigate in his flood pants). Lots of people from New Jersey actually pronounced Newark, NJ with one syllable: NORK, but I think those people are dewarks.

    I was a pretty faithful Baywatch viewer for a few years, but I don’t recall ever seeing this Hulk Hogan episode because I think I stopped watching both wrestling and Baywatch by then. I do however remember an earlier episode of Baywatch where WWF “star” Giant Gonzalez was featured prominently in a storyline. He played a tall freak show exhibit who is abused by his handler and shunned by society (he wears the same furry airbrushed muscle body suit that he wrestled in, so I can see why). A young Hobie befriends him and… I don’t really remember exactly what happens, but I assume their friendship eventually gives him the confidence to stand up for himself. I’m pretty sure the same exact plot was recycled for one of his few WWF storylines when he stands up against his abusive manager Harvey Wippleman.

    The other wrestling/Baywatch crossover I can think of was when Pamela Anderson escorted Diesel to the ring at Wrestlemania XI.

    I can’t believe Baywatch isn’t available streaming anywhere.

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