Treatment 227 – Thinner


 We’re early this week, you filthy, thieving, non-ethnically descriptive mooks, because of time sensitive material (see below). It’s a more star heavy guest-laden episode than the entire The New Scooby-Doo Movies combined! Join me, Abby Denson, Brian Juergens, and Jonathan Valuckas as we face the curse that is…


Someone earns their most pervy guest award for 2015 IMMEDIATELY (but no one is innocent)!

We reveal stacks and stacks of cultural/gender/sex shaming!

We compare and contrast the better work of almost everyone involved in this mess!

This weekend, you can find Abby and Jonathan as follows:

Abby’s at the West Hartford, CT Japan Summer Festival June 13th:

Jonathan’s at Flamecom in Brooklyn, NY:

Come out if you can, or pick up their books if not!

Next week: Matt returns, but we’re right back out on the range when we ride down Texas Rangers!

16 thoughts on “Treatment 227 – Thinner”

  1. I was delighted to find another episode show up in my iTunes this week. Loved it! I remember watching this movie a long time ago. I only saw it once. You guys were right in saying it was like a long Tales from the Crypt episode but worse. For some reason a lot of the Stephen King movies are doomed to be awful even though his books are excellent.

  2. I feel honoured to have been named Schlock Treatment’s official Canadian correspondent. I take this position very seriously and will do my best to be the ambassador this podcast and all of its amazing guest stars deserve. You can be assured I will handle my duties with style and grace.


  3. So instead of sleeping tonight, I decided to waste me precious time and fulfill a request. Behold, the Schlock Treatment Wiki!

    It’s a little sparse right now, but I’ll be working on it. I’ve set up some categories including hosts, guest hosts and notable listeners. I plan to add more entries to these and create more categories for Treatments, characters, and so on. Feel free to contribute of you want.

    1. Uh oh guys, looks like we’ve already got our first Wiki vandal. Some vagrant going by the name of “Marc McD.”

      1. It’s coming. I’ve had my university registration on my mind the past few days, and Matt’s Dad is going to be a tough one to fully research and perfect. I mean, where do I even categorize him? Characters? Running Jokes? Something else like “Life Stories.”

  4. Hey,

    Great choice. The audio seems really tough to mix on this one. We’ll all accept that you were all in a cave. Hey, you ever think about reviewing The Perfect Weapon with Jeff Speakman? I always enjoyed the commercial. “He has no gun. No fear. No equal…The Perfect Weapon!” It’s like, but he has all these other weapons, you know?

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