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Treatment 226 – The Human Tornado (aka Dolemite 2)

Grindhouse_Human Tornado_1 Listen up, you no-business, born-insecure, junkyard suckas! We’re out of Beverly Hills, and into South Central Los Angeles, but we didn’t come alone. Riding shotgun on this journey is Guy Pinnland, AKA Marcus Pinn of the Pinnland Empire! We’re gonna put our weight on it, when we tackle the Nerve-shattering …Brain-battering …Mind-splattering…

The Human Tornado!

The Home Shopping Network tears us apart over custom knives vs. mint grade baseball cards!

Tickets to Paradise shower down for eternity!

M. Night Shyamalan muscles in on our operation!

Next week: Matt’s going back into the field on assignment to Beverly Hills, so Doug will be joined by an all-star cast of friends for Stephen King’s Thinner!

7 thoughts on “Treatment 226 – The Human Tornado (aka Dolemite 2)”

  1. Marcus has moved up from not cool to almost cool. He’s not fully forgiven for the comments regarding incest in the Society episode. My favorite moment of The Human Tornado was the Central American Nunchak Champion performance at the party. It was hilarious. He kung fus for a not even a minute then they move with the movie. Great film.

    On the topic of Thinner, during a family movie night when I was 10, we watched Thinner. I remember really liking it.

  2. Oh man, I need a schlockipedia. I’m going through recent episodes trying to find the first mention of Matt’s Dad’s love of Elizabeth Shue. A friend of mine also loves Elizabeth Shue and wants to hear it.

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