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Treatment 221- The Day After

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It’s the end of the world as we know it and we feel totally ambivalent! That’s because nuclear war has hit Kansas City but there wasn’t that much going on to begin with. It’s not today, it’s not yesterday, it’s

The Day After!

Matt laments the 15 minutes of establishing shots of Kansas City using the Falkor-cam!

Doug trademarks the name Dog Draper!

Next week: Heeeeeeeeee’s back! Everyone’s favorite pervert uncle, Kirk Howle returns to cover Contemporary Gladiator aka Iron Thunder!

2 thoughts on “Treatment 221- The Day After”

  1. I think my parents bought the nut tree thinking that the nuts were edible. Nobody has tried to eat one since the poisoning incident.

    I quite enjoyed this film, and I don’t really understand why Matt wanted some “lightheartedness” in it. It’s supposed to be bleak; it’s about one of the worst scenarios imaginable.

    I thought the effects, in spite of the stock footage, were very good. The bombs landing and the mushroom clouds looked really good. I probably would have been terrified seeing this as a kid, since skeletons always scared the heck out of me.

    She may be a bit out of the age range, but I think Jolene, the pill stealing sister, would be a good candidate for the ERJ award this year. She was super whiny and annoying.

  2. I feel like there is a some grand unifying theory to be found between this film’s subject matter, your citation of Tom Jones’ musical piece “Sex Bomb”, “License to Humperdinck” and Skeletons visible during electrocution. Yet it escapes me.

    Also, I originally saw this movie on TV in the 90s as some sort of counter-programming to the smash hit miniseries “Atomic Train”

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