Treatment 220 – Moving Target

view_13_Moving-Target-TV_jpgWe move out of the light of day into the nighttime world of intrigue and espionage (which, in this case, mostly happens in the daytime). It’s a moped-speed chase after this week’s Treatment…

Moving Target!

Matt and Doug SHOOT the breeze about golf, squirrels, and Crazy Daisy!

Matt sings a MOVING tribute to a certain foxy star!

Doug TARGETS the junk drawer contents!

Next week: We stick to the made-for-TV movie world, when we take on the Emmy-winning nuclear nightmare of The Day After!

4 thoughts on “Treatment 220 – Moving Target”

  1. Oh man, The Day After is pretty bleak. You guys should do an atomic bomb month and cover Testament, When the Wind Blows and Threads (a british made for TV movie about a nuke hitting Sheffield. It follows the people who survive the attack and their children born afterwards. It may be the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen).

  2. In the quintet scene, the violinist complains Bateman wasn’t playing Allegro. Allegro means play fast but it’s not the fastest tempo marking. I played cello for 10 years.

  3. The poisoning of my grandfather was survivable. It happened before I was born, and he was supposedly really sick in a food poisoning sort of way.

    I’m looking forward to next week’s (this week’s?) podcast. I’ve wanted to see “The Day After” for a long time now, ever since I saw it on a “Back In” retro show and learned that they had to set up a panic hotline when it aired. This gives me a good reason to track it down.

  4. I share a birthday with Robert Downey, Sr. I tunnel deeper into my mid-20s this year and Robert Downey Sr turns 79. Others with the same birthday include your favorite Peter Weller, Mindy Kailing, and Minka Kelly, the daughter of Rick Dufay from Aerosmith.

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