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Treatment 219- Light of Day

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The Matt & Doug Show tries desperately to re-live a favorite of Matt’s youth but unfortunately, Matt remembered this movie way differently and without the now infamous “bathtub scene.” Joan Jett, Michael McKean, and Michael J. Fox in …

Light of Day!

Matt and Doug discuss the Elvis. Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix mixtape!

Matt talks about his love for Joan Jett!

Doug does a perfect impression of Matt’s dad!

Next week: We go full Teenwolf Month, following up Michael J. Fox with Jason Bateman in Moving Target!

3 thoughts on “Treatment 219- Light of Day”

  1. What with all the talk about incest and people turning into goo and man-babies and being eaten by crocodiles lately, I’m thinking that you guys might as well start reviewing DeviantArt drawings.

    I always wanted an official Slip ‘n Slide, especially the ones that had two lanes where you could race to the end and the loser would get squirted with water. But they were too expensive, and my parents already had a bunch of plastic sheets laying around, so we got to use those instead.

    Unfortunately, my parent’s backyard has a large nut tree in it. The nuts are poisonous to humans, as my grandpa found out the hard way, but perfectly edible for squirrels. Every year the local squirrels hurl nut shells down upon us foolish ground dwellers, dropping them on our heads and littering the yard with broken, pointy, painful shells. And so that fateful summer, my friends and I attempted to use that makeshift slip and slide, only to receive many painful bruises and scrapes over our bodies as reward for our efforts.

    We later got a Crazy Daisy instead. Boy was that thing wacky.

  2. It’s interesting that Michael J Fox had a band in Light of Day and Back to the Future, and Justine Bateman had one in Satisfaction. Then Tina Yothers and the other kid from Family Ties never got cast as bandmembers in films, but started bands in real life.

    Also, if the parents from Family Ties wrestled as a tag team, they’d be Gross and Birney.

    And finally, can Matt sing Foxy Lady, but make it about Michael J.?

  3. When Willy Chag and I were in high school we were in an alternative metal band together called Human Prey. We played in various rock clubs all around northern Ohio and a couple towns in Michigan. One of those clubs was The Euclid Tavern. If I remember correctly, we played there once and were never allowed back because not enough people showed up to see us because for some reason we wanted to keep our band a secret from everyone else at our high school. In hindsight, this was not a very effective way to get the word out about our band.

    Also, I like to imagine that every movie that takes place in Cleveland exists in the same universe as the other movies that take place in Cleveland. So, this movie, Howard the Duck, and that one scene in Spinal Tap would all be taking place within the same reality.

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