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Treatment 213- Society

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Not one, but two all-star guests step into The Matt and Doug Dick’s Dog Food Arena this week for a unlovely little movie about rich people sucking off the poor for nourishment. Literally. And figuratively. And Metaphorically. But mostly, literally. It is the creepfest known as


Abby Denson returns to launch The Floppy Hair Hall of Fame.

Marcus Pinn aka Guy Pinnland explains why he’s been requesting this movie for a year and a half.

Matt tries to overcome his fear of people getting transformed into things in movies and tv–and fails.

And Doug imagines the lifelong friendship between Kurt Russell and his stunt double.

Next Week: Maggie Serota returns to cover Michael Mann’s Manhunter!

13 thoughts on “Treatment 213- Society”

  1. A few things; Abby is delightful and a ray of perverted sunshine, Marcus sounds like a cool dude, and thanks for lowering my color level to orange. Would you guys consider covering The Baby it’s directed by Ted Post and a really weird psychological horror film from the 1970s. It’s schlocky but great.

  2. Damnit after that incest comment Marcus isn’t that cool anymore. My stances on Abby, Matthew and Douglas are the same

  3. See…my…vest, see my vest,
    Made from real Care Bear chest…

    That Care Bears clip I used to make the video was from the TV series that ran in reruns when I was a kid. Apparently it came out just after the second Care Bears Movie in 1986. I just used it because it was the first clip I found of the Care Bears mentioning “going home.”

    I am Canadian, but unfortunately I am separated from you guys by an entire continent, and it would take more than a trip across the border to reach Abby’s book party. I guess I’ll just have to sit around here suffering the mild, sunny weather of the west.

    I did go to New York once on a band trip in high school though. I had a panic attack that lasted from the moment I got on the bus to go to Vancouver International Airport to the moment I left JFK. I almost stopped eating completely for 6 days (I forced myself to have some New York pizza and a Mr. Softee ice cream) and passed out for a second at the Statue of Liberty. Luckily I could feel myself falling and woke up before I hit the ground. By the end my band teachers were getting really worried about me.

    That was a great trip.

  4. This episode was dope. Matt’s ongoing struggle with body horror, Abby’s rather unprompted suggestion for Matt to get a blow-up doll version of himself, Doug continuing to Doug like a motherfucker and Marcus’ undeterred affection for this film all made for a great show.

    Also, Yuzna directed Return of the Living Dead 3 as well, and that movie was fucked up.

  5. I had never heard of this movie before and I gave it a shot. I must say that the ending was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen and I watch A LOT of horror movies. I had a Matt moment during that scene. Even though this movie was bad I enjoyed watching it besides the grossness. So ridiculous at times it was funny. It was very 80’s.

    There is actually a movie called Death Bed: The Bed that Eats. HORRIBLE movie lol So the movie you came up with “Death Bunk Beds of Doom” could be the sequel

  6. See I told you guys Pinland guy was right! Society is great.

    Also Generic-Abuse-man is Canadian? Good thing our government is about to pass a new anti-terrorism law.

    1. I think you have me mixed up with the American Spencerist. I’m just a stalker.

      Ooooh, but maybe I can be a Night Stalker like Kolchak.

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