Treatment 212 – The Quick and the Dead

thequickandthedead_640x360Since we’re finally out of January’s theme, we can move into February, now that it’s March. Despite the perils faced the last time Schlock Treatment attempted this, the Matt & Doug Show heads back onto the dangerous plains of the Western when they collect the bounty on…

The Quick and the Dead!

Matt and Doug trace Hugh Grant’s roots for no good reason!

Matt and Doug reveal the tragic origins of Clint Eastwood’s face!

Matt and Doug discuss the merits of Old West parenting!

Next Week: Two return guests join us! We’re finally getting to Marcus Pinn’s much requested Society, and we’ll be joined by he and everyone’s favorite, Ms. Abby Denson! Join us to see if Matt survives this grueling challenge!

2 thoughts on “Treatment 212 – The Quick and the Dead”

  1. You guys are officially the dynamic duo of podcasting. Hope to hell you guys can keep it up, i would reelly miss the comedy and just all-around funny convoersations you have. Musch love guys.

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