Treatment 207- Batman Returns

A New Year is upon us and that means that Kirk has been tossed to the curb with all the old dead Christmas trees. We’re down to two hosts, but the best two. Let the Doug and Matt era begin with…

Batman Returns!

Matt and Doug do many Christopher Walken impressions.

Matt and Doug discuss the perverse over-sexualiztion of The Penguin.

Matt and Doug reform the Village People with all new members!

Next week: We welcome back everyone’s favorite pervert, Abby Denson when we cover the Steve Guttenberg, Bruce Jenner, Village People classic Can’t Stop the Music!

6 thoughts on “Treatment 207- Batman Returns”

  1. I like this new original bad boys of podcasting DOUG and MATT. And now that I think about it, I never asked to see Kirk’s credentials. How do I know it was the real Kirk I met?

  2. Hey guys, because of your show and Matt, I watched H.O.T.S.. It was pretty good and enjoyable. When I was watching it I noticed Danny Bonaduce was a redhead. It inspired a series of articles I did for the website Rhymes with Nerdy, Famous Redheads Throughout History. Check them out, that’s all. Keep up the awesome show, RIP Kirk.

  3. I was not raised with my dad but I had his DNA ready and wiitang even before I was born.. I found him 8 years ago and have been able to meet alot of the other family members through him I am everything possible to see our traits and maintian our connection I have found that father I never knew I had and I do not ever want to loose him..thank you for that I gotta check myself on this one and make sure that i look like him every day!

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