Monkey Shines

Treatment 197 – Monkey Shines


This week, we speculate from whom George Romero draws his inspiration, learn about helter skelters, and occasionally talk about monkeys, when we polish up on our…

Monkey Shines

Special Guest Jon Cross of the After Movie Diner burns bridge after bridge among his former co-hosts and guests!

Kirk psychoanalyzes Jon with frightening accuracy!

Doug works toward getting Jon to curse him in song! (progress pending)

Next week: You picked the winner of 2014’s Schlocktober poll, and it’s a real slugfest: Night of the Creeps!


17 thoughts on “Treatment 197 – Monkey Shines”

  1. My issue with movies that have lots of deaths caused by an unlikely source is that there’s no realistic way of explaining it away. Like when the cops eventual show up and discover an electrocuted mom in a bathtub, a poisoned researcher on the floor, a dead monkey in the kitchen, an obvious revenge-fueled arson investigation, they trust that the cause wasn’t the man in the wheelchair with a bloody mouth who actually wasn’t completely quadriplegic after all? Yeah, sure it was the monkey, dude. The murderous effect Ella was experiencing wasn’t even demonstrable in the other monkeys. He would have been tied up in court trying to prove his innocence for years, not going getting physical therapy and fishing with his ladyfriend. At least in Roadhouse, the corrupt local government allowed for the “Did you see anything? I didn’t see anything” explanation. “Monkey fell on me.”

    Regarding the Monkey Shines poster, not only does it showing the drumming monkey that only shows up for 2 seconds, but it also features the tagline “An Experiment in Fear” that doesn’t describe the theme of the film at all. On top of that, it has a little poem that basically tells you either Allen or Ella is going to die in the end of the movie. I suppose we knew that would happen, but it doesn’t allow room for a different twist.

    On a side note, Doug’s anti-Michael J. Fox revelation was big. Does this mean Schlock Treatment will never cover Midnight Madness? No loss with Teen Wolf at least–that movie blows.

  2. I just wanted to add my comment to the Abby fan mail, it was never my intention to become a home wrecker. I’m probably a little too young for her anyway and not deep enough into my descent into madness to transform into Fox Face, (a name I will take under consideration for when I become a supervillain).

    As for Jon’s proposition, I did receive my “Teams!” shirt in the mail this week, so I am apparently an official bisexual now…

  3. In Canada ‘smarties’ are chocolate with a candy shell similar to M+M’s. American ‘smarties’ are called ‘rockets’ here.

    1. That’s the same in England although I think we call American ‘smarties’ ‘Fizzers’. A website reliably informs me – Fizzers were first created in the 1930’s by British confectioners Swizzels Matlow (made famous for their Love Hearts) and are still sold in the United Kingdom and Australia under that name.
      So as they are British confectionary Fizzers is RIGHT! hahaha

  4. You don’t get DNA from blood transfusions. But if you get a bone marrow transplant the donors DNA will replace your own in DNA tests that use blood (not hair or saliva)

  5. I remember seeing this as a kid on Cinemax. I assumed it was one of those ‘Red Shoe Diaries’ type shows due to the cheap cinematography and the copious amount of man ass. I think I made it to the quadriplegic sex scene before I decided that movies for adults are weird, and switched over to a ‘Space Ghost: Coast to Coast’ rerun.

  6. I’ve been relistening to old episodes and have a weird thought; by the math of half of Hal Holbrook=two Rob Halfords; two Dick Van Dykes=1 Alan Tudyk

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