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Treatment 193- Explorers

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Three friends, a dork, a hopeless dreamer, and an all-around badass embark on an incredible journey to go farther than anyone else has ever gone. No, it’s not Kirk, Matt, and Doug (well, it is…) but it’s also this week’s movie starring River Phoenix, Ethan Hawke, and a third kid who is cooler than those first two somehow. It’s 1985’s


Matt adds a brand-new character to the mix, The Perverted Robot Producer!

Doug gives an economics lesson on Bitcoin!

Kirk gets caught up in Dick Miller’s failed dreams!

Next week: The Miners take over for Richard Chamberlain as Allan QuarterMINE in King Solomon’s Mines!

10 thoughts on “Treatment 193- Explorers”

  1. Though there’s tons of bad movies, they’re aren’t any bad tv shows podcasts. You guys are visionaries. Though I guess since you only do it a month a year, you’re only 1/12 visionaries. Adam and Eve is a metaphor Kirk, and the snake is a metaphor for Satan.

  2. While Dick Miller is of course Joe Dante’s inferno let’s not diminish Robert Picardo’s contributions. In addition to acting in Explorers, he was the Cowboy in Innerspace, the guy who makes out with the girl gremlin in Gremlins 2, and also had roles in The Howling, The Burbs, Small Soldiers, Matinee, and Looney Tunes: Back in Action. He is clearly part of the Dante team, and probably has the sweatpants to prove it.

  3. The man from Guinness Book of World Records that Kirk was talking about did not eat a train… he ate a plane. A Cessna to be specific. I know this because, like me, the man was from Grenoble, France, and also like me, he is now dead.

    Also, fuck Hulk Hogan.

  4. Tell Matt to make with the funny or else…I’ll have to take some drastic measures against humanity. Take that, humanity!

  5. As always another out of this world ep. Loved the hank venture reference. October is upon us, which means bad horror movies and candy. Does that mean well see the return of “butterfingler” ringler? You guys rock

  6. Everyone is neglecting to mention the MOST important Robert Picardo role: the cocky and cock-y (because he was playfully horny) head doctor on China Beach, aptly named DICK RICHARD. You guys, I just love China Beach.


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