Treatment 184 – Vamp


Once again we are Dougless, but that doesn’t stop us because on today’s episode we are joined by the fabulous Alison Abrams! And she has brought with her the underappreciated Grace Jones / Deedee Pfeiffer horror comedy:


This week: Matt teaches you what the Bat-Signal is and what that thing under your nose is called, Kirk tells you the best way to get your hands clean while pretending to be a werewolf, and Alison sheds some light on which foods can and cannot be used as an effective means of interpersonal communication.

On our next episode: We discuss baseball or demons or something while trying to uncover the secrets of The Keep!

5 thoughts on “Treatment 184 – Vamp”

  1. I commend Matt Ringler for his efforts to promote awareness of the scourge of informing that blights the community.

    Although there is a dark side to Snow’s meisterwerk. The chorus to ‘informer’ describes accusations of murder levelled against Snow due to the testimony of an informer. The rest of the song is Snow defending his character and praising MC Shan’s anti-informer stance. But never once does he deny the crime.

  2. You know, I was listening and yeah, the meatball thing at Subway was a crock. Eight pathetic, tiny meatballs, trumped by the gigantic honey wheat foot long bread. I heard about that. I heard that guy got a comp for double the meat for the next time he went there.

    I also heard that the same guy wrote a letter to “some garbage airline called Delta.” I wonder what he got from them….

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