Treatment 185 – The Keep

the-keep-3Welcome to Schlock Treatment 185! This week the fellows venture down, down, down, into the interminably slow…

The Keep!

This week:

Matt reveals his favorite was movie and how many ZZ Top tickets are still available!

Doug enjoys garlic, but is still a vampire!

Kirk doesn’t know, but still creates a taco mess!

Next week: We go back to the Michael Dudikoff well once again, this time with the original AMERICAN NINJA!


4 thoughts on “Treatment 185 – The Keep”

  1. What the heck! I sent in two e-mails about Kirk being weird and I was not acknowledged. Schlock treatment is censoring me. Anyway Kirk is still weird. The fake school schedule caper and werewolf gluehands will keep me coming back for more. And would it kill you to do some more popeye firestein.

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