Treatment 173 – Big Trouble in Little China

BigMonsterHey…after last week’s betrayal we felt a little bad, so this week we’re making it up to our listeners with a classic bit of schlock! Well…it’s schlocky, but also amazing. So is it schlock? Who the fuck knows. We should probably have this figured out by now. Anyway…you’re welcome.

Big Trouble in Little China

This Week: Kirk drops an amazing Hoggle impression!! Matt talks all about Randy Quaid’s Big Weird Bankrupt Dick!!! Doug makes a bunch of references that go over Marc’s head!! And Marc is overly detailed in his monster classification system!!!

Next Time: It’s Ahnold, making his triumphant return in The Running Man!!

15 thoughts on “Treatment 173 – Big Trouble in Little China”

  1. I think you guys broke some Word Association Exercise records in this episode.

    Is a Gila monster a monster?

    If you were born on Fire Island, would you be a fire?

    How do mutants fit into the equation?

    1. Well said, sir! Sound like you’re someone who “gets it.”

      Mutants can be monsters, but aren’t necessarily (eg. Professor X).

  2. Marc’s monster classification system is completely wrong. Monsters, creatures, and aliens are not mutually exclusive. King Kong is gigantic…monstrous you might say. He is both a creature and a monster. Gill-Man is a creature from the black lagoon, and also a monster. The xenomorph from alien is a creature, monster, and an alien. Vampires and zombies are monsters. Monster is more of an overarching umbrella term. There are many different kinds of monsters, natural and man-made.

    I wonder if the whole “green-eyed Chinese girl” thing is a reference to the Fu-Manchu books. In the books, both Fu-Manchu and his daughter Fah Lo Suee are described as having hypnotic green eyes.

  3. Really enjoyed this weeks episode on Big Weird Trouble in Little Bankrupt Dick Thermometer. You guys were on top form.

  4. In the sitcom of Marc’s life, I picture Matt as the Cockroach character, to Marc’s Dr. Cliff Huxtable — he’s not a bad guy, but Cliff seems to generally disapprove of him for some reason. Also I assume Marc wears a Cosbyesque selection of hilarious fuzzy sweaters.

  5. King Kong is from Skull Island. Monster Island is a different place altogether, but don’t worry, it’s just a name.

  6. I’m sad to hear Marc is leaving, because I was really hoping “people send things in and Marc declares whether they are monsters or not” would become a new segment.

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