Treatment 171 – The Addams Family

trainIt’s the third week of our April’s Fools theme, and true to form we are already falling apart! This week we talk all about your number 2 pick from the poll, and there is much bickering.

The Addams Family

This Week: Matt is breathing heavy!!! Marc is annoyed by a 3 second scene in the film!!! Kirk is the liveliest he’s ever been!! And Doug rates hundreds of comedies with 5 stars!!!

Next time: We finally get to your number one pick, The Master of Disguise!!

8 thoughts on “Treatment 171 – The Addams Family”

  1. The PBS “Mystery!” titles were drawn by Edward Gorey, who had a similar sort of macabre sense of humor.

    Anyway, great episode and I’m looking forward to your coverage of “Addams Family Values” and “Kiss of the Spider Woman” this summer during Raul July-a!

  2. There’s a VHS tape of this movie in my club’s office at the university, so I managed to watch this movie a couple of weeks ago in anticipation for this week’s show. It was an enjoyable film, but I do agree with Marc in that the little people on the train were kind of jarring and didn’t make sense. Also, since the train crashed, does that make Gomez a murderer?

    I have a friend who’s a big Addams Family fan. The Addams’ are actually supposed to be very friendly to guests, they just don’t seem to understand that their lifestyle is strange to everyone around them. They’d gladly accept Matt as a friend, but he’d have to put up with torture and eating bugs.

  3. Matt mentioned Fritz the Cat. I actually saw “The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat” when I was a little kid. It was very, very strange. Lots of nudity, marijuana-induced hallucinations and Nazi imagery. When film was over, my older sister came home and she asked me “So, what have you been doing while I was gone?” and I replied “Well, I just watched a cartoon movie where a cat fucks another cat.” And… yeah, she got very mad at me.

  4. I never saw The Addams Family movie so I had to look up the train crash scene. I thought it was even weaker than the Zapped! scene where Barney controls the Enterprise and flies it into his dog’s mouth. I’m taking Mark’s side and saying it’s a stupid joke. It’s like the writer said “The train crash jokes from the original series were funny, but it’s the 90’s now so we gotta amp this up to the extreeeeeeeeeeeme!” and in the process overcooked what was already perfect.

    Who needs more than this?

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