Treatment 168 – Shock Treatment

shocktreatmentYou might be confused, but take a moment and read the title of the article again! This week, we close out Ladies Month or whatever we decided to call it, with guest Alison Abrams who chose a film with a slightly confusing title (at least to our listeners).

Shock Treatment

Yep…our second musical this month! And our third film this month with a music-heavy theme!! Ahhhh! This one is a supposed sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and boy does it come up short!

This Week: Alison goes to bat for Richard O’Brien and Jessica Harper, but clearly has no love for Jeremy Newson!! Doug has no love for anyone in this film!! Matt shares his love for Susan Saint James!!! And Marc gets shit for saying he kind of likes a song involving cross-dressing!!

Next Treatment: We kick off April’s Fools with the first in our comedy film lineup (chosen by you in the poll), Airplane II!!

11 thoughts on “Treatment 168 – Shock Treatment”

  1. First off, I love the new comment format! Finally, I can actually my own typing on this website!

    Secondly, as a heteronormative man, I will say that Matt is indeed very good looking.

    So after listening to this podcast for about two years now and creeping your Twitter accounts, I think I’ve finally manged to glean some backstage insight. My theory is that one or more of you work at a publishing company, which for some reason allows you all to stay late into the night on Mondays, invite strange people into the building, and record a podcast. Due to copyright laws, you guys have to hold onto the files for five days before you can release them.

    My point is, I want Matt to write and publish his autobiography. I would surely purchase it and it would become one of my most treasured possesions.

    1. Nothing changed on the website. Maybe you swtiched browsers or something? I haven’t edited the site theme in a year or more.

      As to your second point, I give kudos to your deductive powers. You did reach a few incorrect conclusions, however. We obviously don’t give a crap about copyright laws, what with our constant use of copyrighted material to end our show. Also…we generally record on Tuesday. That we work for a publisher, and even which one we work for isn’t really a secret. We are just needlessly coy about it on the show.

  2. I watched Shock Treatment for the first time for this episode so it was the first time I was hearing all of the songs. But I was wrong when I said they weren’t catchy. I went back and gave the soundtrack a go this week and liked them a whole lot better. Especially, Lullabye, Me of Me, Shock Treatment, and yes Marc, even Little Black Dress. I could see presumably, if I had a DVD copy instead of the blurry Youtube version, and wasn’t watching it alone, that I might enjoy this movie more. But it still suffers from the comparisons to Rocky Horror. That is all.

      1. I also could be persuaded that the songs are way better on their own, when freed from the anchor that is this movie.

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