Treatment 167 – The Doom Generation

DoomGenerationThe guests just keep on bringing the funny, as we welcome Heidi Vanderlee this week! Along with her super-cool MST3k fan status, Heidi also shares her love of weird/satirical/emo/tragically hip films of the 90s!

The Doom Generation

This flick features lots of super-hip people being sad and sharing feelings of general ennui while driving across country in a beat-up Buick and committing a series of murders while having lots of sleazy motel sex! Yep. The 90s!

This Week on the Show: Heidi and Marc commiserate about the inherent uncoolness of playing the cello in Junior High! Kirk briefly takes on hosting duties, by popular request!! Matt shares an anecdote about smuggling food into movie theaters!!! And Doug is…out sick.

Next Week: Guest Alison Abrams gets the gang to watch Schlock Treatment’s namesake movie, Shock Treatment!!

4 thoughts on “Treatment 167 – The Doom Generation”

  1. The very same day I listened to this episode, I also listened to the most recent episode of the BMFCast (“St. Robert Patrick’s Day”), which happened to feature a tangent about how great the 90’s were — their reasons being that the economy was good, we weren’t involved in too many wars, and the worst thing that happened in politics was the President’s mishandling of the Executive Staff. Perhaps the two shows need to get together to have some kind of Point-Counterpoint debate on whether the 90s were awesome or terrible.

  2. I think you guys are recording the podcast earlier and earlier in the week so Marc can make there not being any user mail a self-fulfilling prophecy. Marc is definitely the Hannah Horvath of Schlock Treatment Girls.

  3. I’m pretty sure we’ve been recording on the same day for at least a year but I like that nobody can tell what we’re up to.

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