Treatment 166 – Girls Just Want to Have Fun

HelenHuntHot on the heels of last week’s “Diva List,” this week we turn to a film featuring something more along the lines of an “ingenue.” Okay, that’s being generous, but it’s March Madamness here at Schlock Treatment, and we’re branching off in new directions! Returning guest, Therese Mahler, picked a film that embodies the 80s!

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

It’s Helen Hunt and Sarah Jessica Parker, before they were superstars! Yeah! We’re excited about this! Right? Okay, so this episode gets a tiny bit out of control, despite Therese’s best efforts to keep it topical. Enjoy the mayhem!

This Week: Therese shares a Weird Al anecdote! Matt shares a P.M. Dawn anecdote!! And EVERYBODY gives crap to Marc, because what else would they do?

Next Treatment: Guest Heidi Vanderlee brings the Gen-X cynicism with The Doom Generation!

8 thoughts on “Treatment 166 – Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

  1. That’s OK Matt. I didn’t start wearing jeans until high school either, I just never found them comfortable.

  2. Balki didn’t die at the end of Perfect Strangers. In the last episode he was revealed to be Cousin Larry’s Tyler Durden. Keeping this in mind really adds to the experience of watching this show.

  3. My dad yelling at me in the department store about the sweatsuit is one of the top five funniest things I’ve ever experienced.

  4. Guys,

    As usual, great job on this one. Unlike many of the movies you review, I had actually seen this one. Some of the movies you guys talk about are just so awful, I can’t make it through them. As a favor to me and other quitters like me, could you include a brief plot synopsis at the beginning of the podcast? I ask for both clarity and because I can already imagine how inaccurate it might be.

    Keep up the great work, you pinko commie liberal nut bars.

  5. “Private Danza”
    1985-1986: A half hour sitcom starring Tony Danza as a private eye who goes under cover in the world of male prostitutes with thick brooklyn accents. Judith Light costars as a frequent client/love interest.

  6. Don’t we already do a brief plot synopsis when we announce the movie the previous week and is not the entire episode pretty much a longer plot synopsis?

  7. Don’t worry Marc, I have three Netflix queues also.

    And if it’s on Wikipedia, it’s true (until it gets deleted).

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