Treatment 165 – The Apple

TheAppleOur lady-guest marathon continues this week with an appearance by cartoonist, author, and bon-vivant Abby Denson! Abby comes back for her second guest appearance, and hopes (apparently) to make it her last by choosing the most horrifying film ever made!!! Okay, that’s an exaggeration, and of course it’s not Abby’s last appearance, but it’s a pretty bad movie.

The Apple

If you’re into heavy-handed use of metaphor, preachy overtones, and shitty pop music then this film may be for you!! Also, if you like Frenchmen in devil costumes, and vague, non-specific accents!

This Week: Abby drops some mad podcast fan cred by delivering an amazing Top Ten Divas of Schlock list! Kirk collaborates with her on a weird song mocking Marc for not liking the film! Doug talks about his drug-addled youth, when he actually liked this film! And everyone has a good laugh at Marjoe Gortner‘s expense!

Next Treatment: We welcome back Therese Mahler (host of The Therese Show and Depravity’s Rainbow on WFMU) who chose the classic teenage coming-of-age film, Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

2 thoughts on “Treatment 165 – The Apple”

  1. I have a friend who’s totally obsessed with this movie. I never got it. After watching it, I caught myself singing “BIM’s On The Way”. Then, like Menachem Golan, I tried to commit suicide by jumping out of my window.

  2. Glad you mentioned the bit where his landlady asks him if he had a pogrom in his bed. That line really made the film.

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