Treatment 164 – Escape From L.A.

BuscemiMarch, brings Women’s History Month, and in tribute we decided to make an effort to break-up the sausage-fest that is our podcast with a month full of awesome female guests! Taking the lead is Maggie Serota, from the Lowtimes Podcast, who knocks it out of the park with her choice for this week’s film!

Escape From L.A.

Kurt Russell chews some scenery in this incredibly camp sequel to the (much better) Escape From N.Y.! It features a cast of greats, like Steve Buscemi, Peter Fonda, Valeria Golino, Pam Grier, Stacy Keach, Bruce Campbell and MORE! It also features some of the dumbest scenes in cinema history!

This Week: Maggie flaunts her podcasting fortune, and drops some serious Carpenter knowledge! Matt is on his best behavior, but still slips in some miners!! Kirk drops some golden one-liners, but is barely audible!! And Doug IS Snake Plissken!!

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2 thoughts on “Treatment 164 – Escape From L.A.”

  1. I recall having mixed feelings when I saw this movie. I think I liked it overall, but it’s nowhere near as good as New York.

  2. It brings me back to a period in my life where I thought I was supposed to like certain things so I did and then everyone else I thought was supposed to like it didn’t but I still did.

    This sums me up pretty well.

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