Treatment 163 – One Down, Two To Go

OneDownWe finally bring Schloxsploitation month to a close, here at Schlock Treatment. Despite Brotherhood of Death dampening our spirits, this week we find ourselves (somewhat) re-invigorated for a classic film featuring a classic cast!

One Down, Two To Go

Okay, get this…it has Fred Williamson, Jim Brown, Richard Roundtree, AND Jim Kelly in it! It’s got to be amazing, right? Well…let’s just say that opinions differ.

On This Week’s Episode: Kirk tells a joke that nobody gets! Marc makes a joke that nobody thinks is funny! Matt screws up a joke about Dennis Franz! And Doug brings up the miners again to a mixed reception!

Next Week: Special guest Maggie Serota stops by to talk about Escape From L.A.!!

5 thoughts on “Treatment 163 – One Down, Two To Go”

  1. The miners have survived a monster that burns them up and the major. I hope they can survive the Underminers, they’re toughest challenge yet!

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