Treatment 162 – Brotherhood of Death

brotherhoodofdeathOnce in a while, on Schlock Treatment, we choose a film thinking it will be something campy and fun to talk about, but the film turns out to be different. Sometimes, it’s just awful. Sometimes, it’s really good. In this case, at least according to some (namely me, the guy who runs this show),  the subject matter is just not a laughing matter.

Brotherhood of Death

On it’s face, this looks like a Blaxploitation revenge picture that should entertain on that level. What this film actually is seemed to be up for debate, but debate it we did…and managed to only offend a little in the process.

On This Week’s Show: The guys are stumped, as Marc wavers on this film as joke material, Kirk wonders why there are four K’s in the KKK billboard, Doug recommends giving Schloxploitation a miss in favor of a fan favorite, and Matt freaks out about our film choices!

Next Week: After much debate, we continue Schloxploitation with One Down, Two To Go, starring Fred Williamson in what we hope is a fun, action-filled flick.

9 thoughts on “Treatment 162 – Brotherhood of Death”

  1. KKKK stands for the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

    I looked that up. Please don’t think my Southern upbringing has anything to do with knowing about the KKK.

  2. Possible idea for a new theme to replace Schloxploitation: you could designate February “The Shortest Month,” and feature movies starring little people, like the classic Western “Terror of Tiny Town,” and “Willow,” and . . . “Watchmen,” I guess? And one of the Seinfeld episodes with Kramer’s friend Mickey?

  3. Guys,

    I love the podcast. You guys are funny, especially the Marc-on-Matt violence (in response to the Matt-on-Marc goading). One thing. I recognize your liberal leanings and have largely been able to overlook it. However, Doug saying the racist rantings in this movie are the same stuff that you hear on fox news is just silly. I already have trouble watching Matt Damon movies because he is a liberal turd who doesn’t recognize that railing against the 1% when you make 40 million a year is a tad hypocritical and I am struggling with my enjoyment of Avengers because Mark Ruffalo thinks because he’s been CGI’d into the Hulk, that it gives him some sort of unique insight into geopolitics. I don’t want to have to forgo something I enjoy like this podcast because that kind of bias has seeped into it as well. I fully expect a fuck off for this post.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Mike! Normally, I think we’d try to avoid conservative listeners. I mean…they can be some real kooks! For you, though, I think we can make an exception! We recognize your right-wing nutjob leanings, and will attempt to overlook them in the future.

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