Treatment 161 – Friday Foster

FridayFosterSchloxploitation month continues, as we shift our focus from Isaac Hayes to the amazing Pam Grier! We bring in a special guest, Jon Cross of The After Movie Diner, to talk all things Grier!

Friday Foster

This flick has sexy Pam Grier, super cool Yaphet Kotto, and so much more! There are shootouts, car chases, pimps, garbage trucks backing over phone booths, horny priests, and the list goes on and on!

On This Episode: Jon shares his stories about Pam Grier touching his beard, his thoughts on the blaxploitation genre, his idea for a new exploitation genre about Brits, his love for Thalmus Rasulala, his jokes about jerk-off creme, his fondness for Live and Let Die, and so much more!!! Kirk is ginger, and tries to be supportive! Marc coughs a lot and rants about Matt’s absence! And Doug tries to get a word in edgewise!

Next Week: We carry on discussing schloxploitation gems with Brotherhood of Death!!!

2 thoughts on “Treatment 161 – Friday Foster”

  1. C’mon guys you promised us Jon Cross as a guest this week. Did you really think we’d fall for your “bring in a random babbling lunatic and pretend they’re Jon Cross” ploy? Again?

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