Treatment 158 – Rock ‘n’ Roll High School

RocknrollHighWe’re back, and this time we brought a friend! Our special guest this week is the one and only Eleanor Kagan from the Bonnie & Maude Podcast! She classes up the joint, bringing us some actual interesting info about this week’s movie. Yes, that’s right, we’re on our best behavior for this one (though that still isn’t very good). But, folks…we have the rare Miner-Free-Episode here!!! At last!!!!!

Rock -n- Roll High School

We got kids ruling the school, we’ve got hard-nosed principals, we’ve got bullying hall monitors….oh yeah, and did we mention The Ramones? Because we have The Ramones coming out of the woodwork in this movie! Also, a Van Patten kid, Mary Woronov, and some giant lab rats!

This Week on the Episode: Eleanor drops some mad knowledge; Marc balks on hosting duties and takes the shitty mic until Kirk unplugs the podcast and loses his good mic privileges; Matt slams a past guest big time; and Doug completely loses it over said slam.

Next Week: Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, so you’re ready for the next episode when we go sword and sandal on your ass!! Yep, if you think the Hobbit was great (or awful), wait until you meet Deathstalker!!

4 thoughts on “Treatment 158 – Rock ‘n’ Roll High School”

  1. Eleanor Kagan was a well informed, intelligent guest. Thus she didn’t fit in with this podcast at all and should never come back.

    Just kidding, of course.

    Also, nice tag Marc. The more embiggening in one’s life the better.

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