Treatment 155 – G.I. Joe: Cobra Claws Are Coming to Town


We’re back and we’re still celebrating the Schlocky Holidays by continuing to talk about crazy holiday-themed TV shows of yesteryear. This week we venture into the realm of animated insanity with a G.I. Joe season 1 episode entitled…

Cobra Claws Are Coming to Town

Where to begin with this one? Any sense of logic or physics is thrown out the window as soon as the episode begins! It’s complete madness from the beginning, and it continues that way right up until the end, which is basically what made G.I. Joe cartoons in the ’80s so much fun. Plus, this time we get to enjoy the added fun of Christmas holiday elements shoehorned into what is already an over-the-top ridiculous plot.

HAVE SOME YULETIDE CHEER as special guest Robeast Rollie returns to fill in for Marc McDonald whose wherabouts are still unknown.

LOOK A GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH as Doug and Matt make one observation about a minor character and run with it all the way to the land of pure comedy gold!!!

EAT ASPHALT as this episode takes a dark turn which will leave you wondering what can possibly come next!!!

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NEXT WEEK: Will Schlock Treatment return? Will THE SCHLOCKIES even happen this year??? Or is this the end for our heroes? Stay tuned!!!

14 thoughts on “Treatment 155 – G.I. Joe: Cobra Claws Are Coming to Town”

    1. Hey, I bust my hump to get this episode posted at midnight pacific Saturday morning so graveyard shift zombies like you have something to listen to, and this is the thanks I get? Ah, but I just can’t stay mad at you, Giantbugs. Plus, that hump needed busting anyway. It had gotten out of hand, and now I won’t have to pay any doctors to remove it.

      1. You guys better not actually end this. I’m going to be in a house where I’ll have real Netflix, not Swedish Netflix, and can finally fulfill my New Years resolution of watching the movies with the podcast.

        Also Creep Van in 2014!!! WOOOOOO!!!

    1. You think the police will listen to a grown man who does Peanut dances? Ha! They’ll take one look at that video and throw you in the looney bin.

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