Treatment 154 – Knight Rider: Silent Knight


Continuing with more Schlocky Holidays during which we spend the month of December looking at winter-holiday-themed movies and TV shows, this week we bring you a super-sized episode filled with surprises as we cover the Knight Rider season 2 episode entitled…

Silent Knight

Yep, this episode has everything you would want in a Christmas episode of Knight Rider: a gypsy boy, bank robbers in clown makeup, a very annoyed KITT, and the deliciousness of apples!

GASP as Matt returns after a long hiatus!!!

SWOON as Doug explains the best way to deal with a van full of clowns!!!

GO INTO PURSUIT MODE as special guest Robeast Rollie swoops in to replace previously scheduled guest Jonathan Valuckas, who was called away due to an urgent work matter!!!

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NEXT WEEK: Special guest Robeast Rollie returns to help us cover G.I. Joe season 1, episode 49: Cobra Claws Are Coming to Town!!!

19 thoughts on “Treatment 154 – Knight Rider: Silent Knight”

  1. You guys ever notice how every person singles out Doug as their favorite? Why isn’t Marc on the shows? Is he ok? Did you guys hurt him? Great job Rollie, you’re a natural!

    1. That’s OK, Marc. Schlock Treatment is your baby. I’m just the cool uncle. Did you also change my misspelling of the word “gasp?” I’m surprised to learn it isn’t spelled with a silent “h” like the word “ghost.” Now I feel like my whole life has been a lie. Oh well, all I can do is continue on living.

  2. The zipline stunt was indeed at WrestleMania 12. Good job Doug.

    So, was this episode a backdoor pilot for the new podcast “Kirk Howle and Robeast Rollie Present Segue’s into Music Segments?”

  3. I love all of the relevant Leopardactyl songs inserted throughout the show, particularly the oft-overlooked “Leopardactyl Will Never Die” from the album Walking on Sunshine on the Darkside which references the bridge accident where Eddie of Eddie and the Cruisers becomes dead (or possibly just joins the Grateful Dead).

  4. I’m making my way through all the podcasts from #1. I’m here as of today. So far the weirdest podcast ever lol! I love you guys and every minute of every podcast! There was a listener mail from a female from GA. I’m not her but I am also a female from GA. So unless someone else writes in any of the podcasts I have yet to listen to I am #2 😉 Oh and I miss Marc!

    1. Welcome, Scary Miss Mary! You don’t seem so scary. In fact, you seem delightful. Thanks for checking out our little podcast. And don’t worry… it gets weirder.

      1. Thanks Kirk!! Bring on the weirdness lol!! You guys are all that keeps me sane as I toil away in my cubicle hell 😉

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