Treatment 152 – Zapped!

zappedIt’s the final week in our Thank, But No Thanks series, where each of us gets to choose a movie that nobody else can veto. The effect is to torture everyone, pretty much. Anyway, not wishing to be outdone, Matt chooses a real doozy this week!


Yep, Charles is in charge here, and he’s a nerd with telekinesis. This means he pops open girls blouses, and levitates cleaning equipment. We are all super hot on this film, as you can well imagine.

GASP… as Doug reveals his impressive drug knowledge by knowing what the acronym NORML stands for!!!

THRILL… when Matt introduces a new character to compliment the miners…it’s the major!!!

GASP SOME MORE… when Kirk reveals what state he used to go to and get drunk!!!

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In TWO WEEKS: After a week off (due to Thanksgiving) December starts with a bang featuring Jingle All the Way, and special guest Abby Denson!!!

23 thoughts on “Treatment 152 – Zapped!”

  1. I was really offended by the part of this of episode where Kirk had a brilliant Segue of the Week to get things back on topic, but then Matt underMINED it.

  2. I thought for sure Marc would’ve ended the podcast with Mr. Mister’s “Kyrie” since the priests that try to exorcise Barney chant “Kýrie, eléison; Christé, eléison.”

    As for the film, this was one I liked as a kid, but upon rewatching it, was shocked at how much the attempts at comedy are complete misfires. There’s a scene in the beginning where Barney is walking home from school and a much younger kid passes by him on a bike and quips “Barney bonehead.” Barney fires back “up yours.” And that’s it–unfunny and pointless.

    This film should have been about the adventures of Scatman and the Gary Cooter, who strike up an unlikely friendship, do drugs, write poetry, and ho around.

  3. Another very funny Schlock Treatment episode. I haven’t seen ZAPPED! though. I must admit that I don’t actually bother to watch some of these movies that you guys cover. I just fantasize the movies (frame by frame) in my head, as I listen to your detailed and in-depth discussion of the plot and characters.

  4. I was going to say something about how I also seemed to remember more boobs in this movie when I saw it on cable when I was a kid, but then, you guys started talking about my blog.

    Thanks (sincerely)

    Mr. TobyTurkeyCajunMagicSandwichManMiner

  5. In honour of your guys’ American Thanksgiving, I will tell you all the Schlock Treatment related things I’m thankful for:

    – The Miners
    -Major Plothole
    – Salvatore Stabamancini
    – Terry Gansville
    – Naughty Nurse RJNC
    – Mr. Hates Everything RJNC
    – The currently missing Trucker Mike
    – Johnny Slick (I guess)
    – giantbugs

    Now go eat your turkey guys. I’ll just be up north here with a Swanson Hungry Man Dinner.

        1. Finding out that you have two different monikers is up there with finding out about LivingWithAmyMarc’

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