Treatment 151 – Road House

samelliotOur Thanks, But No Thanks month continues, as Marc brings his movie pick to the mix.

Road House

This film needs no introduction.

BE NICE… when Doug sifts through yet another mailbag to reveal mixed opinions on miners!!!

TAKE THE PAIN… when Kirk is really confused about Kelly Lynch!!!

IT’S OUR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY… when Matt confesses an admiration for Sam Elliott’s hair!!!

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Next Week: Matt brings us into his weird world by choosing Zapped!, starring those guys from Charles in Charge!

3 thoughts on “Treatment 151 – Road House”

  1. You guys ever notice how Marc will be quiet for long periods of time, than suddenly have an angry or negative outburst?

  2. Good episode. Should’ve saved Road House for Swapril/Mayze though.

    And to settle another Schlock Treatment argument, the thug/prison rapist wasn’t self-deprecating or crazy. He was just laser-focused.

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