Treatment 150 – Godzilla’s Revenge

GodzillaRWe’re back for installment number two of our Thanks, But NO Thanks series (going on all November). It’s Kirk‘s turn, and being the fine, upstanding citizen he is, he noticed a deficiency and corrected for it. He picked our first Godzilla film!!

Godzilla’s Revenge

It’s the story of a small boy, who fantasizes about monsters to escape the drudgery of post-war Japan! It’s too boring being kidnapped by bank-robbers, bullied at school, and living next-door to a whacky toymaker!! Time to go to sleep and dream of rubber monsters and their goofy kids!

CRASH… into Kirk, when he reveals the his fondness for characters who do the weirdest stuff!!!

SLAM… a stack of fun, when Doug and Matt bring the miner impressions yet again, but this time out of spite!!!

HEAD BUTT…. the rock volleyed at you by the giant lobster of despair, when Marc rolls out his catchphrase and gets big laughs!!!

As always, find Godzilla’s Revenge on Netflix Instant, should you be so inclined. It’s available there, current to the posting of this episode. Also, be sure to head over to iTunes and write a review for us! We would love to hear your 5-star words of praise! Also, be sure to subscribe, because next week’s episode is a doozy!

Next Treatment: Marc steps up to the plate and pitches the horrifying schlock classic ROAD HOUSE! It’s Swayzelicious!

20 thoughts on “Treatment 150 – Godzilla’s Revenge”

  1. For the record, Sam Elliot has a beard which includes a mustache in Roadhouse so technically, yes he does have one in the movie. However, it is not what people consider to be the “Sam Elliot mustache” and that was the point I was making. Go with God.

  2. Doesn’t Kirk H.’s “Sound Effect of the Week” bit seem like it’s ready to evolve into something new? Matt’s rendition of Kirk’s nervous wobbling during his FX malfunction suggest that there might be a bright future for a segment called Matt’s “Kirk Sound Effect of the Week.”

  3. I wish in retrospect that I had given Kirk his props a month or so ago when he was truly en fuego (can’t remember the episode now but it was one of the 3 man eps). This is particularly magnified by the fact that he has given me the mad out of show props. I shalk make it up to you in some way, my dearest howler monkey, of this I promise!

    Otherwise, thanks for the mention! Now that I am aware of the Ringler’s love of Japanese dating sims, I shall be sure to meet his needs!

  4. Godzilla vs Mothra was always my favorite, just for the Mothra theme song. But I always wondered at what point did godzilla monsters start being the friend of children and the heroes of the movie… They still wreck the city and kill at least a couple thousand people stomping around, I guess they just make such good toys you can forgive that.

  5. I’m glad you guys refreshed me on the origins of the miner joke. I was still enjoying the funny voices, but couldn’t for the life of me remember what the hell the joke was.

  6. The people who sit by me on the commuter bus probably think I’m a weirdo now after I laugh/snorted at the Goodnight Moon part of this week’s show. Also, I was thinking it’s a shame House didn’t make the cut for Schlocktoberfest — it was directed by Steve Miner.

      1. If you read this on the podcast (which I think you guys have already record BUT WHATEVS) it should be pronounced “what-t-t-t-t-t-t-t”, not “whaaaaaaat” because clearly that’s how it’s spelled.

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